Open letter to the American People/Includes timeline of pedophile ring busts throughout modern history

Open letter to the American People/Includes timeline of pedophile ring busts throughout modern history

Dear American People,

I have to write to you, because I feel like if I do nothing I will never sleep again. I know you’ve heard the slogan “if you see something, say something”, and that’s where I am at…Right before the presidential election I saw an article that said something about Hillary Clinton being tied to a pedophile ring, (PLEASE DON’T LEAVE, KEEP READING, I AM BEGGING YOU) and I felt compelled to see what had inspired such an insane headline.

As I began I very quickly became aware of John Podesta’s emails, and all the strange pizza talk. I’ve spent months now reading and educating myself on things that weren’t in the news, but known. Through the emails I learned about the infamous Comet Ping Pong Pizza, and James Alefantis. It was about this time that “Pizzagate” was born (maybe not the best name, but I get how we got it). What I will tell you is that the name doesn’t really give justice to what we’re really talking about here, but at this point it is what it is.

Then next came “Fake” News, and at this point I began to be shocked… I couldn’t believe it. They were so quick to say that all of it was fake, and not once had I seen any coverage about what I knew was out there. How can you tell the public that something isn’t valid and not present the information for them to judge for themselves? And that opened a whole other can of worms (the media), but that’s for another time.

There was a story that was very dismissive and talked about how if this was true, how come there weren’t any witnesses or victims/survivors that had come forward? And again I was shocked knowing that there were SO MANY TIMES that people had come forward. Not that it was anything mainstream but the information was out there, and the authorities had been notified, MANY TIMES, IN MANY INSTANCES.

“Pizzagate” is an old crime with a new name, but what it really is, is child trafficking, rape, torture, and murder. And that the people committing these horrible crimes aren’t just some guy who owns a pizza shop in D.C. (although GQ did say he is the 49th most powerful man in D.C.), and Hillary Clinton, but A LOT of high powered, political, wealthy people all over the world. Allegedly.

After thinking about it I decided to put together a timeline of times when there were pedophile/trafficking rings that were busted, and there were mentions of high powered people involved. All the times when people tried to make the public aware of the abuses that were occurring to children by wealthy powerful people. Now I know there is not much in the way of CONFIRMED evidence, but right now what we need is for “the people” to demand a formal investigation, and to not stop until we get one. I know you’ve watched at least one episode of Law and Order SVU, it doesn’t take much to at least start a real investigation with warrants where computers are seized, and houses are searched. Usually a victim making a claim against someone is enough to get an investigation started.

If you review the information you cannot think the people who believe in “Pizzagate” are so CRAZY as to want a formal investigation. Is that really so much to ask for? Is it really so much to ask you to take the time to really look at the information before you judge? I believe in you, and I believe you want to do the right thing, but that starts with being open to the IDEA that this is happening.

Think about what we are talking about here, CHILDREN BEING ABUSED, don’t we all owe it to them to check first before saying it is fake!!! I am BEGGING YOU to investigate and then decide, these children are BEGGING you…And if I am wrong and you can prove it, what did you really waste? Time? Can’t you spare some time, just in case, because if I am not wrong this affects you too.

So the timeline below is everything that came before Pizzagate where high powered and wealthy people were accused of being a part of these crimes below. I hope after this you will take the time and research the information that came from Pizzagate, and The Clinton Foundation.

1962-1996: Horace Mann School, In New York City.

This is a school for wealthy privileged children; the alumni include Eliot Spitzer, and Jack Kerouac. The school settled one lawsuit for millions of dollars, as well as several smaller law suits.

1964: Catholic School, Kamloops BC.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew went to Kamloops BC to visit a catholic school, and left with ten children and they have never been seen again.

1970’s into the 80’s: The Elm guest house scandals.

The house was raided in 1982, and 12 boys also provided testimony about the horrible crimes they had witnessed and endured.
In 1983 more was discovered after a 45,000 page dossier was turned over to Leon Britton. One person named was MP Cyril Smith (who of course is now deceased).

What was also discovered was the pedophile information exchange which was established in 1974, by Peter Righton.

1980’s The Catholic Church.

Do I really need to say anything here, I feel that most people accept that the priests were doing horrible things to children, but there is still more to the story.
The church has spent 4 BILLION dollars in settling cases involving sexual abuse. We know that at least 3000 priests were involved. And this is just what we KNOW.
I am not going to include any links for this scandal. But it’s simple to look into if you want to confirm that thousands of children were abused through the church.

1980: Kincora Boys Home.

The abuse at this boy’s home is suspected to have gone on from 1960-1980. The three men who ran the boys home were convicted of 23 sexual offenses against 11 boys. However there is much to suggest that there were many visitors to this boy’s home, and a cover up ensued.

1981: Documentary released titled “Boys for Sale”

So not a pedophile ring, but I felt it was important in the regards that again we have an example of the information trying to be shared, and shut down.
This documentary talks about how boys are being sold and trafficked in Texas. And again there is mention of high powered officials being involved.

1986: The Presidio Daycare Scandal

A man named Michael Aquino (lots to learn about him) was accused by over 60 children of sexual abuse. But all of the charges were dismissed due to NATIONAL SECURITY.

Day Care and Child Abuse Cases

Satanist Col Michael Aquino Fingered by kids in Military’s Presidio Daycare Sex Scandal. Never Charged – Covered Up

1986: The Finders, a cult that helped abduct children for the CIA.

An investigation originated in Tallahassee, FL when people complained of seeing malnourished children playing at park and that they seemed to be living in a van. During the investigation two places where searched, and huge amounts of evidence were collected. That’s when the CIA stepped in and declared it an internal matter, and would continue the investigation. Nothing ever came of it. this is the one to look at. Someone on 8chan posted this and “Through a glass very darkly”

The last two should be screen shots of an old statement, along with a very interesting/telling photograph, and an article that was written in the 80’s about this situation. If you don’t go in and read all the links these are the two to read.

Operation Brownstone

I have come across this name a few times, but it keeps getting linked together with The Finders, and The Franklin Scandal. However what I learned specifically that is not mentioned with The Finders info or the franklin scandal is that there is speculation that George Bush SR was trafficking children.
There are stories out there that George Bush would bring children over to Barney Frank’s condo where illicit activities would occur. Some people willingly and some people unwillingly.
I also learned that it was proven there was a male prostitution ring running out of Barney Frank’s condo, but that it was his boyfriend who was running it, without his knowledge.

1988: The Franklin Scandal

It all started with the GOP senator Larry King, who was running a bank in Franklin Nebraska, and helped out a great deal with Boystown. Boystown was a children’s home that was established to help boys who had, had some minor troubles. And of course the Catholic Church helped to run the home.

Several people died trying to expose the truth, and others were discredited and made to look crazy.
Larry King was found guilty of financial crimes having to do with the bank he was helping to run.

1989: Washington Post writes about “call boys” at the White House.

The link below is so you can see a screen shot of the newspaper from 1989.

1992: Peter McKelvie, Child Protection Manager…claims that 20 prominent figures are part of ring
In 1982 Peter was invited along when they busted Peter Righton. He reviewed the evidence seized and determined that he was part of a well-established pedophile ring, that was extremely organized and appears to go back to the 50’s and 60’s.
It was in 1992 that he revealed this information.

1993: Dolphin Square Apartments

This goes back to the 45,000 page dossier, but this is when the boys came forward.
This is also tied up with Peter McKelvie.
P.I.E – Paedophile Information Exchange

1994: Conspiracy of Silence Documentary

First of all, this documentary never aired like it was scheduled to. Not only that the documentary was purchased and all copies were destroyed.

If this is so fake, then why go to these extremes to hide it? Why wouldn’t you issue a defamation suit, and issue a statement about how horrified you are that people would say these things about you?

This is a documentary trying to educate people about the franklin scandal. People died trying to get this information out to the people. Why? It’s not true, right?

If they can die for something that THEY think is true, don’t we at least owe it to them to find out before we dismiss it. This was their life that they risked to do what they thought was right, I think they deserve at the very least is for the information to be reviewed, and then decide if it’s a lie or not….

1996: The Detroux Affair, Belgium

This whole situation is shady if you are really critical when going over the information. So a convicted pedophile is released out of prison, even though his own mother said he’d offend again. And then girls start turning up missing, and of course it’s him (Mark Detroux). Here is a man who does not work and gets state assistance, but has 7 houses, and apparently lived pretty lavishly.

And if you want to hear a survivor’s story watch Theresa, I am hard pressed to call her a liar. I BELIEVE HER. Theresa’s account.

2002: Dyncorp (huge defense contractor), has claims leveled at them by a former employee

Ben Johnson came forward to talk about the things he was witness too. Karen Bailey also came forward to expose what she knew was going on within this company. The claims are in relation to child trafficking, and child prostitution.

Child Sex Rings Reveal Unspeakable Acts of Power Elite

Organized Pedophilia and the Criminal Exploitation of Children this article talks about these two employees being vindicated, and they won lawsuits (for being fired)

While putting this information together people came across information that shows that Dyncorp and Jeffrey Epstein have the same tail number. I wanted to post a link that showed the tail numbers, but of course the information is missing. Or been scrubbed…
Again these allegations aren’t true so why someone would go through all the trouble to remove the information that they don’t believe in, curious.

2005: Jeffrey Epstein

At this point people are becoming aware of the man who owns the Lolita express, and orgy island. James Patterson wrote a great book that talks about how Epstein ended up being convicted. “Filthy Rich”
But it’s interesting to know that this man only receive 18 months in prison, but has to register as a level 3 sex offender (the worst). Not only did he get 18 MONTHS, he only served 13. Oh but it gets better he was released 6 days a week on work release.
WHAT!? WHY!? I WANT THE TRUTH, which is all that matters.
I am not going to include links here on this either, because I feel like this case is pretty well known.

2010: Nancy Schafer, CPS

Nancy was working on a documentary that was about three weeks from being done, when her husband killed her, and then killed himself, the documentary was never released. She was a Senator for Georgia.

She believed that CPS was intentionally taking children away from their families her own words

Again I think we owe it to her to at least review the information before we write it off as a crazy conspiracy theory. Most people in her and her husband’s circle do NOT believe that he killed her and then himself.

The strange death of Nancy Schaefer (two items)

2010: Child Pornography found on employee computers in the PENTAGON

I don’t really think I need to say much here, other than, it was a lot of employees and some of them have a high security clearances.

2013: Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit S G Adolfo Panchon, and Archbishop Justin Welby, convicted in the International Court of Justice, of rape, torture, and murder. some information on what exactly the international court of justice is.

International Common Law Court of Justice Finds Pope Francis Guilty of Child Trafficking, Rape, Murder

2013: Queen Elizabeth found guilty of horrific crimes against children, this also included 40 global elites.

Remember at the beginning of the timeline how we talked about the queen being accused of taking 10 children.

2013: Investigation into BBC, Jimmy Savile

I feel like most people are aware NOW, that Jimmy Savile was a pedophile. But did you know they found so many photographs and videos that it was obvious to investigators that he was someone who found the children, for him and his FRIENDS.

It is common knowledge that he had very close ties to the royal family. So much so that when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were getting their divorce, he was their mediator.

2014: Documentary “An Open Secret”

This documentary is about pedophiles in Hollywood.

2015: Huge pedophile ring busted in Australia

This article includes Fiona Barnett, she claims she was abused by high ranking officials, and what I find interesting is that she has named names, but no defamation suit has ever been brought against her.

2016: The Norwegian pedophile bust

There is also information that coincides with this bust and Norway’s contributions to The Clinton Foundation. I will say here that part of “Pizzagate” is that the foundation has a pay for play operation as part of its “donations”. The news is that Norway will be scaling WAY back on the amount of donations that it makes…Now this is conjecture, but once you have really reviewed AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FIND on this topic, you really do start to see things in a different light.

Again I know that this is a lot of information to look at, and to absorb and take in, but what if it IS TRUE. That means that right now children are being tortured, raped, and murdered. I hope that you will have the courage to suspend everything we’ve been taught and made to believe to look at these things critically. Don’t let them continue to deceive you, together we are many and we can overcome.

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