15 year old Lily-Rose Depp – New face of Chanel's new Number 5 L'Eau perfume

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    Look I just keep seeing Depp Largerfeld .. ‘child bride’ in a channel wedding dress … obscene
    who would buy a pink wedding dress for child???

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    Kim, I have moved this from the main list to the break room as well as edited the title for accuracy. She is not the new face of Chanel, but she is the new face of the company’s new perfume. Please make sure you make your posts in the appropriate areas, water cooler talk like this (non investigation related topics) should always go in the break room.

    Well, although many young girls dream to meet and marry the man of their life, I can see how it could come off as distasteful for a girl her age to model a wedding dress (kids that age don’t need to get married, they need to be educating themselves and enjoying their youth). Though… I think this is one of the most tame examples of modern culture destroying the innocence of childhood.

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      It is twisted how the models just get younger and younger.

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      This example being tame is an understatement. I’ve seen much worse examples of children being oversexualized on tv, music videos, etc. Look what happened to Miley Cyrus.

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    Point taken re posting in the correct spot apologies 🙁

    With the child in the wedding dress – the issues i can see with this is slave/trafficking/owner providing a child packaged to a purchaser, where child brides are legal.
    This again is normalising, and bringing the practice into mainstream.
    I though it was interesting to note the colour ‘baby pink’ being used – which also infantilizes the coture.

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