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    So I saw something on Steemit about a march on March 27th, demanding a formal investigation…But I literally know nothing else.
    Does anyone know any information about this? I love the idea and I would go, but I need to know is it DC only, everywhere?

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    I never use steemit, so no clue. I do think that it will take some IRL action to see more progress though unless some more bombshell evidence is released. It’s ridiculous that such a big scandal where children are possibly being abused and harmed has been completely blacked out and covered up from the mainstream…

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      I agree! I can’t believe the amount of people who are willing to say no that’s “fake news” without really looking at it. We are talking about the abuse of children here, where is your compassion? What if the “crazy conspiracy theorists” are right? Shouldn’t you at least look first?

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        Exactly!!! There NEEDS to be a formal investigation into the discoveries. The possibility that even just one child could be in danger is enough to warrant it. What the fuck is wrong with this world?

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    We need to be writing our local authorities and asking them for answers. I’d be curious what the city level authorities around the nation have to say about this.

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