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    I tried to Reply to a Comment regarding my Post. I tried it twice and each time a 405 error came up, Thanks

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    You shouldn’t have this error anymore. Thanks for the report!

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    Thanks so much. I am happy to see this site back running again. This is a great site and it will only get better as more and more research is added. I see more and more people on Voat looking for a place with past research readily available. I hope they make the choice to post over here.

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      Thank you RazorShark! It has only been one month since the site launched (and the whole last week we were under maintenance) – considering that, the amount of activity/sign ups already is promising. People are naturally reluctant to change, even if it’s for the better. I remember when we were all still on /r/pizzagate before the ban and a few people were trying to get researchers to post on voat – v/pizzagate was pretty much empty/dead for a while. But then the ban came and everyone was forced to move over. So not only will this be a safe zone in case anything happens to Voat, but as people continue to realize the value of having all the research discoveries indexed and organized for cross-reference, I am confident we will continue to pick up the best researchers.

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        Hey man. Everything looks really good. It just keeps getting better. Thank you for all that you do.

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