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    I just found this site and holy moly! Its great! Yall keep a nice reference for every thing front and center… and its organized!! Seriously so impressed. This is definitely where the conversation needs to be happening. Do yall want me to spread the news that this place exists or no?

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    well this is embarassing… i clicked the button three times because i didnt realize it was loading. My apologies. Im searching for a way to delete the mirrored original post now. If anybody else has a solution, please let me know

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    Hey Ryan! Thanks for stopping by. No worries about the multi posts haha. I’ll take a note to add a loading gif to let people know it’s loading. You can modify all of your hot list submissions by clicking on your account dropdown menu and go to “Manage My Posts”. I’ll add in a more convenient way to modify/delete submissions soon too. I went ahead and deleted all the duplicates as well as moved your topic here to the break room forum.

    Thanks a lot for the compliments, glad you like the site! I haven’t really had time to promote it around after building it (life) but definitely feel free to spread the word and get people over here. I built this for all of us to use without censorship as well as having an additional way to index all the info we find. Would love to see more conversation and quality research/posts happening over here!

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    I can’t wait for it to grow and more people will come over and start using this site. I like it so much better than voat.

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    Nice to see you Ryan. I am always pushing this site so hopefully, we will get more traffic.

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